A FAMILY PASSION – Established in Lumezzane in the early Sixties, Risolì: a company destined to become a leading brand in the cooking utensils market.

Alfredo Montini, the founder, began the activity as cookware manufacturer by producing bespoke cast aluminum utensils, pans and pots of high thickness (6-8 mm) featuring avant-garde scratchproof nonstick coatings. His intention was to substitute the old cast iron kitchenware with a lightweight product: the result was the realization of an innovative concept of cookware. Easier to handle, easier to clean, with a better and uniform distribution of heat, in order to guarantee a constant cooking and help food keep its natural taste.

Marilena, Alfredo’s Wife, was the first one to join in the company and now their children, Cristina and Andrea, are running the business as well. This passion, shared by the family, makes Risolì a typical Italian industrial company.

The entire production line is Made in Italy, starting from the raw material: High Grade Aluminium ingots from the Lumezzane foundries. The finishing is by hand by diamond turning the under-sides and all products are coated with three layers of scratch resistant nonstick material. 100% non-toxic and food safe without any PFOA (Plerfluorooctanoic acid).

The use of the highest quality and appropriate materials in the production process combined with each article being hand finished guarantees the high quality of Risolì products for a long period (uni-es ISO 9001:2000 quality certification). Special attention is given to encourage all the suppliers to adapt their politics and behaviours to universally acknowledged values such as: human rights, work and environment.


Risolì produces exclusively in die-cast aluminum with a high thickness base and coatings in Teflon, scratch-resistant Teflon Platinum guaranteed by DuPont.

This technology allows a greater speed and a homogeneous propagation of heat, for a more natural cooking.


Risoli cookware is manufactured from die cast aluminium (thickness 5-8mm) with non-stick coating.

The use of the highest quality and appropriate materials in the production process, combined with the finish of each article by hand finished, guarantees the high quality of Risoli products for a long period (uni-en ISO 9001:2008 quality certification). Due to the exceptional coating, Risoli die-cast aluminium cookware is the perfect solution for cooking healthy and dietetic food (without fat) and very easy to clean.

  1. Before using the pan for the first time wash in hot soapy water, dry thoroughly and season lightly with oil or butter.
    LOW OR MEDIUM heat is sufficient for obtaining the best cooking results. Never overheat the pan (maximum temperature of 200-240 C is indicated on the packaging for each specific range). Cast aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and continual overheating could damage the coating. Do not heat the pan when it’s empty.
  2. The pan must be used for cooking only. Do NOT use the pan for conserving (stocking) the food for longer periods as some aggressive food can damage the coating.
  3. Use ONLY WOODEN and NYLON utensils and do not cut the food in the pan.
  4. After use leave the pan to cool for a while, clean it in hot soapy water and dry it thoroughly.
  5. We do not recommend the use of the dishwasher, some harsh cleaners can damage the product.
  6. Slight colour change of the coating inside the pan does not have any negative effect on the quality of product or it’s effectiveness during use.
  7. Bakelite handles of pans and knobs on the lids are ovenproof from 180-240°C (follow indication on the packaging of product).
  8. Pots and pans without plastic parts are also suitable for oven. It is necessary to use a protector (pot holder) to ensure safe handling of the article.
  9. RISOLI products are suitable for all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic/halogen hobs, oven). We also produce a specific range called “INDUCTION” suitable for use with induction cookers too.
  10. Risoli offers a (2+1 years warranty) on all products subject to receiving a valid receipt confirming date of purchase. Risoli will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the product.