Ever since its foundation Accademia Mugnano has been bound to meet the most demanding quality standards and the most demanding customers; this very first engagement has led in the year 2000 to acquire ISO 9001 certification.

The continuing application of this philosophy remarkably led to further objectives: in 2004 certification ISO 14001 was granted – referring to the environment safeguard. The strict application of the most demanding international standards makes Accademia Mugnano an Italian jewel among the worldwide competition and an avant-garde of the MADE IN ITALY. Care and quality control during all the production steps, sales support, sales service and after-sale services are the main topics and the mission of the company: easy life in the kitchen

Aluminium & Coating Technology

Aluminium is a versatile material, that has good thermal conductivity and is very easily handled thanks to its low specific gravity, about one third than copper or steel. Today, aluminium is widely used and appreciated thanks to the highly advanced techniques available to make it highly polished, scratchresistant and easy to clean, and it is no chance that aluminium is used in professional kitchens. Bare metal is appropriate to boil food, but for all the other cooking processes the ideal solution is aluminium coated with a non-stick layer that makes it possible to cook without fats.
Nowadays, the quality of the non-stick coating is technologically advanced, made of several layers that make it abrasion and scratch resistant. However, in order to preserve the integrity of the non-stick finish it is advisable to use wooden or plastic implements.

In its laboratories, Accademia Mugnano has developed AM Salus: an exclusive application process that, in all the different types of nonstick surfaces used, ensures the best performances in terms of:
• resistance to corrosion, cuts and scratches
• wear resistance
• facilitated cleanup
• protection of consumers’ health and environment.

To evaluate each of these characteristics, the laboratories of Accademia Mugnano subject the coatings to rigorous tests according to the international standards and industry-specific requirements.

Scratch resistance – MUST (Mechanical Utensil Scratch Test) test
This testing method for the coating applied to the cookware makes it possible to rate the scratch resistance of a PTFE coating heated to 200° by scratching it with a tungsten carbide ball (for instance, the tip of a ball-point pen, e.g., Paper Mate 91.534, as recommended by British Standard Specification BS 7069) again and again, until the aluminium layer is reached. The final count, referred to as cycle, gives the number of times that the coating has withstood the action of the metal ball. Accordingly, the stronger is the non-stick coating, the greater will be the number of cycles assigned to it.

Abrasion resistance of the non-stick coating
An abrasive pad (e.g., a Scotch Brite pad) is dragged back and forth across the surface of a pan covered with domestic dish soap. The number of passages gives the abrasion resistance of the coating .

Quality & Safety of the Coatings

Based on their proprietary application process AM Salus, the ACCADEMIA MUGNANO laboratories have developed three application systems that use extremely resistant, PFOA-free biocoatings: AM Salus Diamond Prof for sprayed products, AM Salus Extra Strong and AM Salus Hard System for rolled lines.

These application systems characterise ACCADEMIA MUGNANO products in terms of superior resistance, quality, safety, consumer health and environmental protection.

During the application process Diamond Prof coating generates an internal structure matrix-link-factor and a perfect fusion among:
• Aluminium (high quality alloy)
• Primer (composed of high temperature resistant weaving and reinforcing particles)
• Mid-Coat (a mixture of fastening agents – with strong resistance to high temperature – and fluorinepolymeric agents, to improve scratch resistance
• Non-Stick Top Coat (rich in fluorinepolymeric agents granting improved non-stick and durability performances)

Products with application of the AM Salus Diamond Prof non-stick coating are granting an exceptional performance against corrosion, abrasion, cuts and scratches even in extreme usage conditions..

The special and innovative coatings AM Mineral Stone, stone effect with micro particles of natural minerals and reinforced with titanium (Mineral Stone) or with diamond powder (Diamond Tech).
A multilayer coatings with a unique mix of titanium particles mixed together in order to build up an extremely hard and very compact surface capable to: heat up quickly and retain heat for long, ensure a high degree of non-stick, providing exceptional resistance to scratches, cuts, abrasions and wears offer a strong resistance to the damaging effects of fats and high sugar content foods allow easy cleaning with rough sponges and in dishwasher.
AM Mineral Stone e AM Diamond Tech, thanks to a special coating stone effect, reinforced with titanium and thanks to the application processes at low temperature (designed by the laboratories of Accademia Mugnano), the coatings does not release toxic substances, even at very high temperatures, reduces CO2 emissions, makes the cooking faster, easier the cleaning with significant energy savings and a reduction of pollutants released into the environment.

The coating is made of silica-based eco-friendly ceramic nanoparticles forming a compact, non-porous surface which is extremely smooth, longer lasting and incredibly scratch and abrasion proof, and ensures unique non-stick performances.
Natural Ceramic – thanks to the special nanoceramic coating and low-temperature application processes developed by the Accademia Mugnano Laboratory – does not release harmful substances, even at extremely high temperatures, reduces CO2 emission levels, makes cooking faster and cleaning much easier, resulting in appreciable energy savings and a drastic reduction in the quantity of pollutants released into the environment.

Extra Strong and Hard System non-stick coatings applied according to AM Salus process are granting a particular non-stick performance along with a special hardness to make them strong and highly resistant to scratches and abrasions.
The high quality of the non-stick-coatings and the innovative technological applying process, under a special cycle (water based), enable the outcome of highquality products, environmentally safe and perfectly fit for food contact in order to become perfect AM cooking tools for the nowadays healthy, light cuisine.
AM Salus Extra Strong and AM Salus Hard System non-stick coatings thanks to their properties, hardness and high resistance are particularly suitable to be applied on High Quality Cookware.

Innovative stone effect coating reinforced with micro mineral particles.
The AM Salus Stone, AM Natural Stone and AM Extra Stone coatings are a multi layers coating with a stone particles mixture that gives an extra strong surface able to grants an high resistance to scratches and ensures a perfect cooking with no oils or fats enhancing the natural taste of food.