Sanelli is known all over the world for the revolutionary results it has achieved with its new types of knives. Applying a professional approach to marketing, the Sanelli staff studied what professional knife users really need and designed the Premana collection specifically for them. Experience accumulated in more than 150 years producing knives, associated with constant research for ways of applying new materials and solving the problems of user ergonomics, hygiene and safety, now ensure that the Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.l. knife works are a spearhead for the whole industry.

Not just knives, but scissors too!


The assortment of scissors offered by Sanelli is one of the widest ranges for specific needs on the market today. This assures every professionals that Sanelli scissors are most suitable because of designs and materials, to satisfy every need and desire. Technically perfect, they are the result of very careful workmanship which insures excellent tools of high quality from every point of view.


The handles of our knives improve with Biomaster technology.

Biomaster is a permanent antibacterial protection, consisting of an additive based on silver ions, inorganic, suitable for the provision of anti-bacterial characteristics to plastics.

The high concentration of silver ions present in the additive Biomaster, provides a release of silver ions, which inhibits securely microbial growth since the early minutes, reachinga nearly complete inhibition in 24 hours.

Once incorporated into a product, Biomaster becomes an integral part of providing a safe antimicrobial protection, efficient and inexhaustible.

Form and function: Design in professional cutlery

forma e funzione

Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.l. created its “Premana Professional” collection by analysing and solving every last one of the problems that are encountered by the professional who uses these working tools every day.

In short, these are the salient properties of the Premana Professional collection:


  • Resistant hardness (54-56 HRC)
  • Good flexibility
  • High cutting power
  • Long edge life
  • Edge shape especially designed for professional use
  • Excellent sharpening potential
  • The convex shape of the edge guarantees an efficient support when the user has to exert considerable force. The edge is not subject to chipping
  • The exclusive ergonomic handle design is the result of special studies carried out at qualified University Institutes (a research unit named EPM: Ergonomics of Posture and Movement at the Milan Polytechnic) and tested by computerized experimental tests
  • The ergonomic shape brings a sharp reduction in user fatigue
  • The soft, but slightly rough surface makes the handle non-slip and much safer to use
  • The material used is non-toxic and complies with the European rules
  • Added directly to the plastic mix the additive Biomaster: antibacterial protection based on silver ions, inorganic, suitable for the award of antibacterial characteristics to plastics
  • The material used will resist sudden temperature changes (from -40°C to +150°C), corrosive agents and detergents
  • This means that the knife can be cleaned in a dishwasher and sterilized
  • The handle is perfectly balanced with the blade
  • The handle’s green colour makes the knife immediately visible on the work bench: greater safety at work
  • The shape of the handle was designed at the computer

By creating the Premana Professional collection, the aim of Coltellerie Sanelli S.r.L. is to make a decisive contribution to improving safety, reliability and hygiene at work. No other collection of professional cutlery currently available has all these properties. The Premana Professional collection knives are covered by European and U.S. patents.

Use & Maintenance

Since 1864 Coltellerie Sanelli S.p.A. manufactures knives for professionals and cooking’s lovers.
Use them with care. Sanelli knives will be reliable to you, with their tireless cutting power.

  • Hardened and tempered blade in surgical stainless steel 54°-56° HRC made through twelve production processes according to the most modern systems and with the care of experienced and skilful operators.
  • Traditional sharpening with convex shape.
  • The patented, double-moulded ergonomic handle guarantees a safe and comfortable grip.

Each model of knife is made for a specific purpose. Do not use the knife for anything else. Do not let the blade come into contact with hard surfaces (ceramic tile, granite worktops etc.).

This knife can be washed in a dishwasher as long as you make sure that it is removed immediately after the cycle is completed. It may also be washed by hand, using ordinary household detergents. In this case, make sure that you remove all the débris that easily accumulates on the blade in the area near the handle: take special care to clean your knives well after using them in contact with corrosive substances: for example, oxidation is accelerated by the abundance of sodium chloride found in fish processing. In general, all organic liquids are potentially harmful if left in contact with the blade for many hours.

You should sharpen your knives with the sharpening steel. If you use a grindstone, make sure that you use specific abrasives and a cooler: tempering could cause a loss of hardness and breakage.

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