Saporelax® non-stick grill pan with yellow folding handle


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 Made in Italy to an extra thick 6mm, this die-cast Aluminum grill pan is coated with “Teflon Classic” coating for lasting durability.

The coating is more resistant and suited to high temperature cooking. The handle, is silicon and ergonomic designed, and folds away making storage easier.

  • Folding handle made out of soft anti-stress silicone
  • Raised ridge lines cook better meat and fish
  • Single body melting in high thickness
  • Easy to remove can be put directly in the oven
  • 100% Made in Italy



Non-stick scratch resistant grill pan with folding handle made of silicon to use inside oven and stove top.

The grill is made from deformable high thickness Die cast aluminum (5 mm), features folding handles with soft colored silicone antistress in fluorescent colors, that bend very easily, they go in the dishwasher and even in the oven with temperatures up to 250° c.

Practical and comfortable, Saporelax, with its non-stick coating long life resistance Du Pont®, is ideal for a healthy and fat-free cooking.

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Black with Yellow Handle



Stove Tops:

Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic


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