Granito® Premium Induction Frypan – 28cm

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‘GRANITO PREMIUM-INDUCTION’ line is made in Italy to an extra thick 6mm, this die cast aluminium set is coated with our new non stick “Granito” hardstone coating for lasting durability.

The coating is more resistant and suited to high temperature cooking. The coating is PFOA and nickel free. The handle, is silicon and ergnomically designed.

  • 100% non-stick hard stonebrazed heat induction bottom premium induction
  • The faster system for transmitter energy +50%
  • Only die-cast aluminum with an undeformable high thickness
  • Bottom guaranteed for life
  • 100% made in Italy

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In these times, when responsible energy consumption has become a universal necessity, induction represents the most evolved and efficient technological response to our cooking requirements, with a 90% effectiveness index.

RISOLI’ offers a range of 16 different tools, characterised by exclusive and functional solutions which render induction cooking even more efficient, faster and increasingly flexible.

The most important element characterising all the induction cooking line is the inox steel base applied by H.E.A.T. method. This involves abrasion welding, a unique form of production which offers an increased 50% efficiency and reliability compared to the usual procedures. In addition, this offers increased efficiency on all heat sources, including induction stoves.

The whole range of our cooking utensils are made from fused aluminium, guaranteeing perfect diffusion of heat. They have a Titanium overlay, guaranteed for 3 years to ensure healthy and light cooking without additional fats or oils. Finally, handles are smooth to the touch, ergonomic and knobs are designed to release vapour.

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Length x Width x Depth:

29 x 48 x 8cm



Stove Tops:

Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Induction

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