Explora® Brochette Grill


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Explora Brochette Grill is easy and innovative, whether it is used on the barbecue, the gas stove or in the oven. It is equipped with 8 stainless steel tools to allow each single skewer to be perfectly cooked.

  • 47 x 26 cm
  • Die Cast Aluminium
  • 8mm Thick
  • Ecocast3 Coating


25 in stock

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Explora unites to the traditional Risolì Gourmet quality, made out of die cast aluminium high thickness with Autograph coating, ethnical design inspiration and a high performance.

Risolì Gourmet has created a special and exclusive line of fine taste pieces. Risolì Gourmet Explora brings together a result of a research of several culinary cultures. Technological and beautifully designed cooking utensils that will wake up in you your ethnical spirit and spicy up your cooking creativity granting you the possibility of cooking together different kind of food creating fancy recipes with fun!

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47cm x 26cm

Stove Tops:

BBQ, Grill, Gas, Electric, Oven

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