Dr.Green® Sauce Pot with Glass Lid – 16cm 1.5Lt

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Milkpot Ø16cm in die-cast in high quality Aluminium. The only non-stick, water based and inert greenstone with double resistance to wear compared to standard pans. This is the ideal tool for gentle cooking over low heat that keeps foods wholesome with more flavour. Controlled supply chain and 100% Italian.

  • Safe and healthy cooking with Dr.Green®
  • Inorganic water based coating
  • Long-lasting non-stick coating Greenstone®
  • Supervised supply chain
  • 100% made in italy


Out of stock


Risolì gives birth to the Dr. Green® non-stick cookware collection.

Thanks to its thick body (6mm), made in die cast aluminum, the cooking temperature remains the same long the surface and this allows a low-temperature cooking. This cooking technique does not alter the food but rather enhance its flavor. This is the perfect tool for a daily healthy cooking, it is so versatile that can be used for any kind of meal and technique such as steam cooking, low-temperature cooking and also for baking.

The entire Dr. Green® collection is manufactured with High Grade aluminum and the supply chain is supervised and 100% Italian, in order to guarantee better and faster security checks.

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Ø 16 cm



Stove Tops:

Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Oven


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