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    Multi-use Servigrill 46 x 25cm in die-cast in high quality Aluminium. The only non-stick, water based and inert greenstone with double resistance to wear compared to standard pans. This is the ideal tool for gentle cooking over low heat that keeps foods wholesome with more flavour. Controlled supply chain and 100% Italian.

    • Safe and healthy cooking with Dr.Green®
    • Inorganic water based coating
    • Long-lasting non-stick coating Greenstone®
    • Supervised supply chain
    • 100% made in italy
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    risoli-bbq-grill-pan risoli-bbq-grill-pan1

    BBQ pan CLICK handle with specific texture for barbecuing and a clever and practical handle. High thickness and non-stick surface guarantee an optimal cooking on the grill. The accessory is placed directly on the gas barbecue grill and / or on the side burner and is manipulated by a removable handle. Ideal for grilling large and delicious steaks or pork chops, as it gives incredible striations the grill for browning catches and retains the juices of all types of meat.

    • Three layers of scratch resistant non-stick material 100% non-toxic and food safe
    • Die Cast Aluminium
    • 6mm Thick
    • Titanium3 Coating
    • 100% made in Italy
  • risoli-bbq-brochette-grill risoli-bbq-brochette-grill
    Explora Brochette Grill is easy and innovative, whether it is used on the barbecue, the gas stove or in the oven. It is equipped with 8 stainless steel tools to allow each single skewer to be perfectly cooked.
    • 47 x 26 cm
    • Die Cast Aluminium
    • 8mm Thick
    • Ecocast3 Coating
  • explora-fish-grill1 explora-fish-grill2
    Explora Oval Fish Grill is easy and innovative, whether it is used on the barbecue, the gas stove or in the oven. Ideal for cooking fish in its many variations, especially for pasta dishes and spaghetti, but also for fillets, zampone or cotechino.
    • 47 x 26,5 cm
    • Die Cast Aluminium
    • 8mm Thick
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    VAPORgrill: the taste of grilled food and the benefits of cooking with the vapor technology. Two methods called at the same time, for the first time: a product 100% Made in Italy. The bottom of the pan, with its 10mm grill lines, assures the creation of less water vapor, in order to optimize both cooking performance. The lid guarantees slow and healthy cooking, preserving the nutrients while cooking. VAPORgrill by Risolì is the perfect pan that offers you taste and energy saving at the same time.
    • Ideal for dietetic and fat-free cooking
    • Possibility of differentiated cooking
    • Greater energy savings
    • 100% made in Italy
  • Regina 31 pizza pan

    Pizza Professional with bottom bubble for perfect cooking top and bottom pizza. Bubble ensures crispy pizza base. Perfect for frozen & fresh pizzas.

    • Improved heat distribution
    • PFOA free
    • Non-stick, healthy surface
    • Ergonomic design
    • 100% made in Italy
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